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The property has five areas to celebrate events. For photo shoots you can use all the spaces available. We let you and your photographer roam the gardens and choose wherever you'd like to photograph yourself, except in the interior of the family home. 

For other events like weddings, birthday celebrations, baptisms, etc., we offer the below five areas.

Friends Party


Celebrate your birthday at Cara Al Viento, Jarabacoa. We are only 1.5 hours from the capital and 30 minutes from Santiago. 



Celebrate your wedding in Cara Al Viento, Jarabacoa. We are only 1.5 hours from the capital and 30 minutes from Santiago. We have several spaces available for rent. 

Dinner Table

Corporate events

Our property is also available for corporate events, such as seminars, functions  and withdrawals. 


The Gazebo

The Gazebo is an undercover space with a medium-size garden surrounding it. It is ideal for smaller events of about 20 people. 



This area consists of an oval garden in the middle of the property. It is grassed with beautiful pine trees, flowers that bloom in spring and poinsettas that bloom in fall.

Cara Al Viento Las Petreas.jpg

Las Pétreas

Our widest space in our property. It is an open garden with pine trees all around it. It can be hired out in combination with La Pérgola to take advantage of both spaces. 

Cara Al Viento Jardín Superior Wedding G

Isabela Second

It is a smaller garden with a grassed and flat area surrounded by pine trees and closer to the property's entrance. 


The Pergola

A more intimate space to celebrate with those closest to you, La Pérgola has a large lounging area, a barbecue/bar and a small dining section. Usually, it is hired out along with Las Pétreas. 


The following video shows the property in all its splendour. It was taken during a 90th birthday celebration.

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