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Family, Place, Tradition, Nature

The story of Cara Al Viento is a rich tapestry of connections to people, place, family and history. The property owes its name to the trade winds that refresh its gardens when they blow from the valley of La Vega Real. Built in 1948 by a prominent family and known by locals as ‘el pabellón’ (the pavilion), the property has been the home of spiritual retreats, summer camps, and countless cherished memories. Today, it remains a family legacy passed on for over five generations.


The property was acquired by the current family in 1970. Since then, Cara Al Viento has become deeply embedded within the story of this family. It has seen children grow up, been the birthplace of several family members’ ‘I do’ and ‘happily-ever-afters’, grown into the favored location for traditional Christmas dinners, birthdays, and other family celebrations, and even become the final resting place of treasured pets and the family’s most beloved member, when her ashes were scattered in its gardens.


Driven by a desire to share their love for Cara Al Viento, the family opened its doors to the public in 2017, inviting visitors to enjoy its exquisite gardens and create cherished, personal memories of their own. And this is how Cara Al Viento has become an ideal venue for photoshoots in the outdoors and in harmony with nature.

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Our Vision

In all transparency, we are still in our humble beginnings. But, we are striving for more. And we want you to be part of our story.


As founders, we know that the world we live in is full of social and environmental challenges. We believe in a better tomorrow. We believe in our capacity to be catalysts for change. To contribute to building a socially-conscious, responsible and sustainable future, where connections to people, place, and our planet take center-stage. In fact, that’s why we’re surrounded by 30 acres of untouched pine-forest exclusively set aside for conservation. That’s why we are active participants in community causes. That’s why we donate to local community organizations.


Our vision is to one day become the leading socially-responsible event venue in the Caribbean. We seek to inspire and equip our clients, providers and community with the knowledge to lead positive change for the future through their most memorable moments.

Our Clients

Our clients are highly educated, socially-responsible professionals searching for exclusivity and intimate moments.


They are seeking:

  • Less stuff, less stress, more joy and more meaning.

  • Photoshoots that place nature at the forefront. 

  • Peace, quiet, and tranquillity to connect with place and each pother.

  • A place to relax, unwind, and be their most authentic selves.


Our Values

We value integrity above all.


We believe in the power of business for good.


We strive to be of service.


We are inclusive and embrace diversity of race, gender, and sexual orientation. We embrace and promote marriage equality.

We acknowledge that we are co-learners alongside our clients.


We aim to build more connection and choose gratitude.


We value kindness, make heart-centered choices and work in the spirit of collaboration.


We always give back -- to community, nature, and our clients.

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