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Wedding Celebration, Jarabacoa

We were very excited to help this beautiful couple celebrate their union. It was a spectacular day. The talented photographer Iris Van Nes was able to capture the day and the celebrations with these beautiful photos. Our client was very happy to be able to use our gardens for her wedding and it was a pleasure and an honor to be with her on this special day. The couple was accompanied by some 150 guests, including friends and family. They used the area of Las Pétreas, as well as the area of La Pérgola, where they set up a tent as a dance hall, to serve the buffet, etc. The guests commented on how nice it was to celebrate the union in our wedding garden in Jarabacoa. So now you know, if you are looking for a place to celebrate weddings in the Dominican Republic, contact us! These beautiful photographs were thanks to the talented photographer Iris Van Nes. You can see her portfolio on her website. You can also contact her through her Instagram profile.

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