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Pregnancy Photoshoot with Joel Perdomo Photography

We welcomed this beautiful couple who is happily waiting for the birth of their baby! They were accompanied by the talented photographer Joel Perdomo. Joel is from the city of Puerto Plata. His photography style is defined by romance, neo-Latin and natural. Joel loves the idea of ​​taking photos with modern, elegant and natural poses. Creating a spark that connects couples, children and teenagers, with his priority being the full enjoyment of your photography session for you. Joel always tries to capture real moments and unexpected emotions that arise spontaneously with a touch of subtlety inspired by the feeling of living in the moment. If you like everything we have written about Joel, we are sure that you and he can do an excellent job together for your photos. To book your photo session with Joel, you can contact him through his Instagram profile @jperdomophoto or through Whatsapp.

Check out his beautiful photos below!

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