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Sweet 15 Birthday Photoshoot with Pedro Ramírez

Every so often, a photoshoot session comes to Cara Al Viento that steals our hearts.

As if the stars and the planets aligned, all the elements of said photo shoot - the model, the outfit, the light, the props, the talent of the photographer both behind the lens and during the editing process, and of course, the location (ahem, ahem) - combine to bring out the best.

In this case, it is the quinceañera session of photographer Pedro Ramírez.

When Pedro tagged us on social media, we couldn't wait to share these photos with all the staff behind our family business.

Each and every one of them expressed the same thing: "Spectacular!"

For us, this is what it's all about. To offer all photographers in the Dominican Republic the ideal setting to capture these moments that we will remember with so much love, both for us at Cara Al Viento, and for the clients who visit us.

THANKS! Pedro, for capturing these shots and allowing us to be part of your magic art.

And you? Are you looking for a professional photographer in the Dominican Republic to capture your pre-wedding, pregnancy, quinceañera photoshoot, or any other special occasionn?

We recommend you contact Pedro, now! You can contact him through his profile on Instagram, @pedroramirezphotos, his email or his contact number +1 (809) 704 7353, also available on WhatsApp.

To see his work, scroll below. We hope you enjoy these beautiful shots too!

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